IES is recognized as a world leader in gravity surveys. Gravity is the foundation of our company and generates  most of our annual work.


Gravity is used for geological and structural reconnaissance to determine rock type, soil compaction, the presence of water and to create plausible deposit models: (greenstone belts, sedimentary basins, ultramafic rocks, granitic batholiths, karst, calderas, volcanic domes, structural corridors and faults).

Gravity is used for geological and structural mapping to directly delineate ore-bearing structures: (skarns, horsts, grabens, brecchias, silicification and alteration or intense fracture zones).

Gravity is used for the direct detection of either excess of mass: (massive sulphide deposits associated with nickel, chromite ore, banded iron formations, stock works, and barite deposits) or depletion of mass: (coal, lignite, salt deposits, placer, karst and kimberlites).

Gravity is used for estimating the size of a deposit independent of its shape and can define conductors with different densities: (graphite vs. sulphides).

Gravity is used where seismic imaging has been challenged by complex geology, crew safety or practical inaccessibility. Gravity is used to map the subsurface structures under thick salt and in volcanic provinces where seismic methods have imaging problems. Also, gravity is used to measure the density change in an oil reservoir assisting in the oil and gas estimate and recovery process.

GEOLOGICAL MAPPING: Gravity is used to complement the results of geological mapping.

CIVIL ENGINEERING: Gravity is used to study integrity of roads, dams and dykes, looking for areas of weakness in the sub-surface.

GEOTECHNICAL: Gravity is used to detect voids or cavities whether they are tunnels, washouts or sink holes.

GEOID MAPPING: Gravity is used to measure changes on the Earth’s surface so a more accurate correction can be applied to GPS data to obtain better height location.


​IES uses the latest, cutting edge technology for acquiring location and gravity data including the Trimble R10 GNSS GPS Receivers and the Scintrex CG-5 and CG-6 gravity meters.

​IES processes data in the field daily using a combination of proprietary software, Encom PA and Geosoft Oasis Montaj. Our software packages allow us to edit, plot, grid, filter and map data quickly and accurately to identify, analyze and correct any suspect data on the fly.


​​IES is primarily engaged as a turn key geophysics contract company. We also subcontract and partner with large national and international geophysics companies, work as 'in house' crews and we often train Client and Government employees how to properly conduct gravity surveys for themselves.

IES has conducted gravity investigations of all types in over a dozen countries. We have worked with start-ups and junior explorers to majors like BHP Billiton, De Beers, Cameco, Rio Tinto, Hudbay Minerals, Cominco, Teck  and more.​​