IES works in partnership with Groundradar Inc. on all radar projects. Groundradar is the most experienced company in the world for mineral exploration applications of GPR with projects spanning 25 years in over 83 countries. 


IES specializes in the application of unique GPR technology to deep mineral exploration and geotechnical applications. Using Groundradar’s proprietary UltraGPR technology, high resolution imaging of the sub-surface is possible to depths exceeding 80m in suitable environments.


  • Alluvials, Bauxite and Iron Ore
  • Mineral Sands and Nickel Laterite 


We use proprietary software to edit, process, interpret and model data in 3D to enhance interpretability. GPR is only useful where the raw data clearly shows the targets or horizons in question.

Groundradar designs custom GPR instruments for specific projects and mineral deposit types. Their proprietary technology, UltraGPR, offers the deepest penetration of any radar in the world, in suitable environments.